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There are several types of bamboo decor that you may want to add to your collection. You may also want to completely replace your current home theme to an environment friendly one using the exotic designs for bamboo furniture such as cabinets and beds. You can easily find these designs readily available on several designing websites on the World Wide Web. One of the excellent decorations you may integrate to your home design is the use of bamboo vases. These vases are available in a wide variety of styles you can choose from. The designs used for these ornamental home pieces can effectively add a distinct look on your room. You may choose from polished, natural and spun bamboo vases which would make a unique and fresh theme for your room design.

Bamboo décor may also take the form of picture frames. Most of the time, your memorable photographs are stored within these small pieces of craft. Aside from picture frames, you may also use bamboo bowls and bamboo candles to add uniqueness into your home design. Different types of bamboo bowls can appropriately fit on your kitchen area. Aside from being a perfect dining decoration, it may also add a classic accent when serving food into the dining table. A nice collection of bamboo candles can add texture to your bamboo décor. You may add your own taste on the designs by playing through the different shapes and colors that are available on the market.

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