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Great bamboo blinds for any room that were as shown and delivered on time. They look great and are really useful.


I ordered this lucky bamboo plant to wish myself a good luck with a new job. But the one I received has two Bamboos bent and knotted to each other into a lovely heart shape! The lucky bamboo plant arrived in good shapes and conditions, and the artificial flowers match very well with the Bamboo.

Mike G.

For the price, one would expect cheap, rough bamboo blinds, but they are legit and quality! The bamboo blinds really added a natural touch to my room.

Peter L.

I purchased the bamboo fencing for around a tiki bar we made for my son's wedding it turned out really nice. I would recommend this for any one doing the same! Great product and service and price.

Jonathan S.

My red bamboo cylinder floor vase just arrived this morning and it looks rich and elegant. I put it in my living room. Everyone in my family likes it and I felt so accomplished!

Sean G.

I Love these bamboo blinds! They are the perfect finishing touch to my TV room. Overall, great product. Couldn't ask for anything better. Assembled it myself,lol.

Kate O.

I want a lucky bamboo plant for months, and I decided to purchase one after reading the reviews. It looks even better than from the picture! I could not believe how healthy and beautiful the lucky bamboo was.


Just received my lucky bamboo plant. I expected to see a little damage from the shipping, but the lucky bamboo I received looked like one had just pulled it out of a forest where it grows naturally! I don't see any flaw in my plant. I would highly recommend purchasing this product!


I just received the Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizer. It's exactly as pictured, exactly as I'd hoped. Good quality wood, perfect fit. Just what I had been looking for.

Caryn D.

If you love wooden spoons, you'll love this set of Bamboo Kitchen Tools! I know some people are ambivalent about using wood as a cooking utensils, but sometimes a light bleach soak will remove any lingering bacteria. You will appreciate this set once you use it first time.

Matthew D.

My sister just loved the lucky bamboo plant so much! She is still raving about it; Lucky Bamboo is the perfect plant for anyone. All you have to do is make sure they always have water and sunlight and they will grow.


Great bamboo blinds for my room and delivered on time. They look great and are really useful.

James P.

My wife and I are thrilled with the bamboo fencing. It was a perfect privacy fence and looked spectacular. We have received many compliments from our guests.

Robert B.

The Tiki Statues are as described. They look great on my tiki bar! I really like them. Well crafted item and recommended!

Mark E.

I was impressed with the condition of these lucky bamboo plants upon arrival. They were beautiful. No damage whatsoever. I will purchase these items again and again.

Michelle M.

I've had my lucky bamboo for a few weeks now and its doing great, still very green and healthy. I love it so much I'm ording more to send to my sister.

M. Reed

Roll up bamboo blind was delivered in time and of good quality. Well worth the price and easy to install myself. I'm Very satisfied with this purchase.


The bamboo floor vases are great, they are made well and with a little creative genius. It looks wonderful.


My lucky bamboo arrived in perfect shape. It's low-maintenance and thrives in an office with no natural light, and seems a lot healthier than the alternatives I've seen in stores around town.

Kat Sharp

Fantastic Seller! Quality lucky bamboo plant and the vase is really beautiful! Have purchased again and again. Packed well and arrived perfectly safe and healthy!

Jeanne Brennan

I bought two bamboo blinds to sit side by side on my balcony for when I need privacy. They were very easy to install. It took all of 10 minutes. They look better than I expected and really look terrific when down.

ihcuwan. California

The bamboo floor vase was exactly what the description said it would be, there was no surprises. The Shipping was super quick. All in all I am happy with the purchase.

JMille. Texas

The tiki masks are well crafted and really inexpensive. They look great on my tiki bar! I really like them.

Humphrey B. New York

I gave the lucky bamboo plant as gifts to my boss. I received it in good condition. He loves it, and it is growing nicely.

Kerry P. Utah

My lucky bamboo arrived in perfect shape. The vase is a really pretty chocolate brown. I will pick up some more in different styles as gifts for my friends.

Don T. Los Angeles

Really nice quality bamboo fencing, not perfect but it's a good mix of quality and price. I use it as a privacy fence but it does let wind and breezes through which is a plus.

Erin D. Sacramento

The bamboo paneling arrived decently packed in perfect shape. The style fit exactly what we wanted to do. Don't use a circular saw to cut it. It has a tendency to splinter, I found a jig saw to be much more effective.

Debra W. California

I purchased 2 of  beautiful bamboo floor vases. They look very stylish and expensive. I put the bamboo vases on each side of the fireplace and its beautiful. They get a lot of compliments.

Jennifer L. Arizona

Well made, easy install bamboo blinds. My room is quite a little cooler in the summer. I'm gonna get 2 more blinds for my grandma.

Mike H. California

Beautiful and vibrant lucky bamboo plant arrived in a timely fashion, and I like the vase - it looks great in my home office!

Brandi M. New Jersey

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