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History and Culture of Tiki Statues

Most people are now familiar with tiki statues and masks from a tiki bar or a tropical-themed resort. A tiki statue is a unique and fun way to add that tropical feel in your home and yard.

Just like other collection of tropical décor, Tikis can be easily converted into conversation pieces. Since they are hand-carved, no two tikis are the same. Tiki Statues history comes from Polynesian culture. Tiki was the first man, somewhat equivalent to Adam in Christian theology. It is thought that the idea originated in the Marquesas Islands before spreading elsewhere in the South Pacific. In this ancient culture, the word 'tiki' is also used to describe the spirit of a god or ancestor contained in a sculpture. The sculpture, which may be wooden or stone, is carved in their image. In Polynesia, tiki statues have been found dating back at least 3,500 years. This custom resulted in the popularity of tiki statues that today can be seen all over the world. Tikis were placed outside the doors of temples and other sacred Polynesian places.

Today, because of the mid-century tiki craze, tiki statues can be found all over the world. In Polynesia, there are artists and sculptors who draw their inspiration from the tradition of tiki statue carving. In the United States, 'tiki' has become a blend of all of these ancient cultural forms. Our Polynesian style tiki statues can add a beautiful tropical touch to any landscape. These statues can be a creative, unique, and colorful addition to your home or yard. All of our statues compliment our other tropical decor such as a romantic tiki hut, tiki torches, a bamboo tiki bar, bamboo fencing, and more. To complete your ultimate paradise, don't forget to also check out our other products for your home and yard, including tiki poles, a Mexican thatch, or a tropical thatch umbrella. Create your island escape today!

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