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How to Treat Lucky Bamboo

As lucky bamboo is hydroponics plants, you don’t have to spend much time taking care of it.  Lucky bamboo will not die easily, but you still need to know something before you have it.


When you received lucky bamboo plant, remove the plastic bag and cotton absorbent around the bottom of the stalk. Then put it in clean water as soon as possible.  As during transportation, it may be stressed. The leaves may not be fresh. They will recover after a few hours in water. Lucky Bamboo is a small plant. You can just put it in a small vase. Don't expect them to grow as big as Dracaena Masangeana.


Lucky bamboo plant with more leaves requires more water than the one without leaf. Make sure you put in enough clean water to keep all the leaves green. If some of the leaves turn yellow, it is sign of not having enough water. Too much direct sunlight or being exposed in the cold wind or hot sun can make the leaves yellow. Just put more water then trim off the yellow leaves by clean sharp scissors. Do not worry the new leaves will grow.

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