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How to Use Thatch Panels

Homeowners will often say that they run out of ideas when it comes to finding new design moves that will help them to revamp their out-of-doors entertaining and living areas after readjusting the decorative pieces or changing the color scheme of the outdoor furniture. One concept that is becoming increasingly popular this season is the use of thatch paneling as part of your exterior design. In prior generations, thatch was used to provide cover on warm days, but with todays design aesthetic, tiki thatch is used more as a decorative element outside and inside the home.


You have most likely seen this umbrella-like figure on the porticos of local Mexican eateries around town or at tropical parties hosted at your friends house. However, incorporating palm thatch panels into your own outdoor area is basic and adds to the feel in your outdoor area. Once you bring the palapa into your alfresco living quarters you'll want to spend all of your free time outside in the shade.


Here are a few ways that thatching will improve the look of your backyard:


1. With the right thoughtful care, palm thatch panels can last for many years. In dry environs with minor rainfall, thatch can have a lifetime of three to five years. If you live in a place with more rainfall, you should buy a large tarp to cover and safeguard the thatch for longer usage for the future. If the product is correctly secured, it can endure winds up to 50 to 60 miles per hour, making it a great idea for those who live in windy climates.


2. There are endless applications for thatch panels. You would be shocked, but thatch has many uses that you may be oblivious of. These palm thatch panels can be used to ornament tables, fences, tiki bars and barbecues. You will create a tropical feel when you add thatch to your outdoor party, backyard, garden, or business with very little effort. You can also adjust the paneling by having it fitted to your own special item with unique dimensions.


3. Thatch requires very little maintenance. Make sure you soak off the thatch panels several times every year to protect it from any dirt or buildup that may accumulate. When thatch is rained on for the first time, it can sometimes create a non toxic run off. Think of ways to guard the thatch from mold and filth, especially in areas with a colder and rainier climate.


4. Thatch panels come in a universal dimension to meet your size needs. The standard size of a palapa will stand at 8 feet and 6 inches at its tallest point. The outer rim is just about 7 feet tall and there is 6 inches of overhang, which gives a clearance of 6 feet 6 inches. Take into account these dimensions before you proceed with the purchase so you have enough square footage to hold the palapa in your backyard.


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