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Lucky Bamboo Care Tips

The lucky bamboo is not really bamboo, but a Dracaena which is a tropical plant commonly grown for indoor use. Lucky bamboo has quite taken the modern world by storm. It is popular because of its resemblance to bamboo, its associations with good luck, and its low-maintenance requirements. According to feng shui, lucky bamboo is believed to bring sensible luck in terms of affection, health, wealth and harmony and peace of mind to the bearer. It's a logo of positive energy. It is conjointly become a decent gifting plan for several.


Although you don't need to spend much time on lucky bamboo, growing it also needs care in terms of sunlight, water and soil. Here're some lucky bamboo care tips:


Sunlight- lucky bamboo prefers staying indoors. It despises direct daylight and its leaves flip yellow within


the scorching heat. It is suggested to keep in shade at the temperature within the vary of 65-70 degrees.


Water– whereas bringing health to your life, lucky bamboo requires health in terms of watering from you. Too less or an excessive amount of water may cause damage to the plant. whereas growing lucky bamboo, weekly watering is good though you want to take into thought the humidity of topmost layer of soil.


Soil- lucky bamboo plant grows well in nitrogenous soil. As a result, providing fertilizers once per month as diluted resolution can keep your plant healthy. If you find yellowing or curling of leaves, trim or prune the leaves and change the water levels. After you realize the roots turning red, keep relax! It's the natural color of the roots and you'll enhance its beauty by supporting its suspended roots with enticing pebbles and stones of your selection.


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