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What is Tiki Mask

Nowadays, you can find out tiki masks everywhere as a result of globalization and commercialization. The best examples for such instances are the Tiki room developed at the Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, tropical drinks and tiki bars.

Tiki Masks are hand carved from wood and finished with oil or wax to give them an excellent sheen. Each tiki mask craft is unique. They can add a distinctive decorative element to a home or office. tiki masks can also be displayed outdoors -- by your entrance to greet your guests or on a patio as a conversation piece.

Tiki masks represent spiritual deities that were called upon by island natives to ward off evil spirits from their dwelling places. They are well known in ancient and traditional worshipping style. Though there are many African deities, tiki mask craft do not wear out easily. Sometimes, the word Tiki is related to the thought of faux culture.

Americans look out for tiki masks which are spirit oriented which helps them overcome every obstacle in their everyday life. For example, if you would like to be a winner in all the things that you carry out, you can install the ancient tiki winner Mask which helps you bring all the good luck and fortune in the work you carry out. If you would like to be rich, you will have to install the God of money tiki mask, which according to ancient tradition is considered as the fortune maker.

It all depends upon your own belief and respect towards the ancient tradition and culture that will help you choose the perfect and the particular Tiki head for your everyday life happiness.

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